Asset Tracking

Keep an eye on your equipment,
trailers, ATVs, boats and more

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Make security a priority

Automile offers a smart self-installed device along with web and mobile apps to protect you from thefts of valuable things such as trailers, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, earth movers, equipment, and more

Unbeatable precision

Whatever you are tracking, get peace of mind knowing the exact location at all times

Motion-activated &
temperature alerts

Get instantly notified when a movement occurs or the temperature falls above or below limits set by you

Activity history

Access full history of movement and temperature alerts in the app

Extremely durable and small - Dust and water proof


Triple-axis motion detection keeps track of sudden movements


High precision GPS with temperature sensor, accelerometer (movement sensor) and anti-jammer

GSM 2G/3G/4G

Built-in GSM (2G/3G/4G) compatible and runs on AT&T (US) and all other carriers in Europe

Temperature sensor

High temperature lithium polymer battery for supporting demanding environments

Built-in battery with optional external power

High temperature lithium polymer battery for supporting demanding environments

Depending on usage battery can last up to 4 weeks and can be recharged

Option to also connect to permanent 12-30V source

Easy to install with flexible options

Tape, Zip or Screw the device and download the Automile app. It is really that simple.




Screws, Zip ties, Adhesive tape included

Wondering what to track?

Here are some examples

Price of device is just $99 + low monthly / yearly subscription

12 months warranty on device. Return policy is 14 days from purchase
  • Battery or 12V/24V power
  • Detects precise location
  • Real time alerts
  • and more...